At our farm, we cultivate and nurture PALM TREES with utmost care to bring you the finest dates nature has to offer.

Our skilled farmers employ age-old techniques handed down through generations, combined with innovative practices, to ensure optimal growth and flavor. From meticulously selecting the ideal palm varieties to providing the perfect soil conditions, every step is taken to create a thriving ecosystem for our date palms.

As the seasons unfold, our expert harvesters delicately handpick each ripe date, ensuring only the finest specimens make their way into your hands. With precision and respect for the fruit's natural ripening process, we guarantee that every date harvested is at its peak of flavor and quality.


We combine traditional cultivation methods with advanced technologies at our state-of-the-art factory to ensure that our dates meet the market needs and international standards.

We are dedicated to sustainable farming practices and environmental conservation. Our palm plantations are managed with great care, ensuring the optimal use of water resources and minimizing waste. We believe in the importance of preserving the natural beauty of the Jordan Valley while providing our customers with the finest dates.
Al Katar Dates - FARMING