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Al-Katar is an area in Ghour Al-Urdun Region. The prevailing idea about the region is that it is incultivatable and underexploited. Thus, the idea of scientific challenge to work in this field emerged by reclaiming those underexploited lands in a beneficial manner; so the idea of incorporating a company operating in this area stemmed from the belief of the company's owners that dates production and planting is a promising investment opportunity that generates considerable revenue for its producers in the Kingdom. Owners of the company have accumulated technical and practical expertise of 15 years in this field in terms of selection suitable locations, experience in project designing and management in addition to the experience in dates planting, especially the Medjool sort, along with working on benefiting from these resources. The technical and practical expertise of the business owners also enabled them from forming a technical staff with high skills in project execution or rehabilitation of existing projects as well as reaching the anticipating results there from.
Technical and Consultancy Studies
Based on the principle of developing the palm sector and promoting the work efficiency in this sector in Jordan Valley Region, Al-Katar Co. works on the provision of advise and consultancy in dates planting, and on finding solutions to the problems facing the farmers with a view to harvest a high quality product.
Feasibility studies
Contribute to the feasibility studies in this area. As it has a major role in bringing investments to this sector and working according to the technical expertise to achieve the results of these studies to concrete translations of the reality.
Farm Reclamation
Al-Katar provides the service of farms suitable for planting this food product and works on creating real and strategic partnership between technical experts, such as engineers, and the owners of existing farms in this area for the benefit of both parties.
Packing and Packaging
Al-Katar Co. adopts the approach of ongoing development policy for its products which includes various scientific and technical methods in dates processing and canning, so it has contributed to raising the awareness of dates farmers on the use of best scientific techniques in production, storage, packing and packaging operations.
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