About Us

Al-Katar Dates Co. has commenced its business with individual effort of its owners; Engineer Mohammed Al-Salamat. Since its incorporation, it committed itself to hustle toward the top, which it actually did, as it managed to gain the trust of many farmers in that area. Al-Katar Dates Co. is an excellent a distinguished company specializing in dates production and marketing, as it had been incorporated in 2010 in Jordan Valley Region/ Al-Karamah, and operates in providing, attending to and producing high quality dated as per the cutting edge techniques pursuant to local and international standard specifications. The company is a pioneer in introducing new technologies and agricultural sciences for use in planting and growing this food crop.

Al-Katar Co. deems dates planting as a national resource so it employs seasonal and full-time local hands, the matter that has positive effect on the local community, since that the company has a plant in Al-Aghwar which is responsible for packing, packaging and collecting dates from farms and bringing them into the plant, after which the process of separation and cleaning starts, followed by packaging and finally by stacking in chilled warehouses so to be ready for distribution and sale. In addition, it owns several agricultural land plots and projects. The company also participates in international and domestic fairs and conferences with a view to offer its various products for local and international promotion of the product.

In pursuit of directly reaching the consumers, came the idea of establishing a permanent showroom and direct sale outlet in Marj Al-Hamam District/ Opposite Total Fuel Station, Mohammed Nour Shabsough Building.

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